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When Change may not be for the Better

The concept of “change” can be a difficult one to be comfortable with. Human behaviour dictates that, by and large, we enjoy the security familiarity brings. That said, change can often be for the better and, indeed, is sometimes required to ensure we continue to achieve positive progress in whatever we do.

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The Value of Competition

When talking about the potential merger of the accounting profession in Canada, it is important to remember why we currently have three different professional accounting designations. Over the past few months, I have seen comments on our Forum that suggest the proposed new organization should take on the model or style of one or the other of the existing associations. With today’s blog post, I’d like to address these comments as I strongly believe that for any new organization to successfully meet the needs of today’s marketplace there needs to be a thorough understanding of what the marketplace demands both in accounting education and in the services provided by accountants.   

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Making Tax Simpler

When news of a potential merger involving the three main accounting bodies in Canada arose earlier this year, one of the supporting reasons was cited as the need to simplify the country’s accounting system. Last week, we published a new report examining simplification for another system – the Canadian tax system – widely recognized as one of the most complicated in the world.

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Why CGAs Do More

With healthy debate and discussion continuing on our VisionCGA.Org forum around the pros and cons of Canada’s three accounting bodies potentially merging, we have seen plenty of discussion about what sets CGAs apart from the others. This week, I’d like to add to these discussions by setting out my thoughts about why becoming a CGA makes for an exciting and rewarding career path.

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The Impact of Tagging

I hope you’ll forgive me if we return to a topic I spoke about in one of my first posts – the issue of tagging. The reason I’m revisiting this area is because we continue to see welcomed feedback on this subject on our forum.

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Breaking Down Business Barriers

I continue to read with interest the ongoing discussions taking place on our forum. Healthy and constructive debate is something we welcome among our members, particularly when it comes to issues as potentially far reaching as the possibility of Canada’s three major accounting bodies merging.  

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Being Proactive About Productivity

Competitive decline has been an issue in Canada for some time now.  A few years ago, CGA-Canada produced an in-depth research report designed to understand the causes of our decreasing competitiveness. It painted a bleak picture of Canada’s overall productivity and, unfortunately, anecdotal evidence would suggest that while things are improving, progress is slow.

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Why Sustainability Matters

When it comes to making business decisions, more and more people are looking beyond the balance sheets of organizations. And while profit will forever remain a key driver, people and the planet are not far behind.

As CGAs, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer more than just financial advice to our clients. We have the skills and expertise to manage not only a company’s balance sheet, but also its social and environmental impact. The fact that CGAs are thinking about how to measure a company’s triple bottom line is just another reason I’m so proud of this great designation.

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Leading from the Front

Last week, as you may recall, I spoke about the high level of performance CGAs provide in terms of adding value. This week, I’d like to focus on the leadership qualities CGA-Canada offers as an organization, and touch on what CGAs offer as individuals.

As individuals, CGAs are broadly trained professionals skilled in leadership. Indeed, being an adept leader is one of three overarching requirements for certification. The leadership areas include strategic and organizational leadership, individual and team leadership development, and organizational effectiveness. So, whatever their role – be it CFO, COO, controller, analyst or public accountant – CGAs are sought for their leadership acumen.

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Adding Value Beyond the Balance Sheet

While reading through the comments posted to our discussion forum, I’ve been encouraged by the vast number of people who clearly understand and continue to champion the unique value that the CGA designation provides.

CGAs offer a level of depth and wisdom which is a testament to our program. Our tagline, “we see more than numbers”, is supported by the actions of our many members and students.

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